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Membership and Fees

1. Fee is $45.00 (includes tshirt, membership certificate and conference fee)

2. Click on Payschools box in yellow to pay the fee. 

3. If payment is not received prior to deadline you will not

be registered as a member. 

Filling Out a Form

Membership Requirements

1. Students interested in Healthcare are welcome to join, grades 10-12! Med Academy students strongly encouraged. 

2. Pay on Payschools, Deadline October 8, 2023. 

3. Fill out membership form.

4.Membership deadline - October 6, 2023

honor cords.jpg

Honor Cords

1. Active participation. 

2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in Medical Academy courses. 

3. If not in Med Academy, 3.0 overall GPA

4. Attend two regional competitions and at lease one State Leadership conference. 

5. No suspensions or disciplinary issue while a HOSA member. 

6. Two year HOSA member. 

7. Participate Senior year. 

(above information subject to change)

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