Membership and Conference Fees

1. Membership Fee $40.00 (includes T-Shirt and Membership Certificate)

  Click Join Now Button - Must fill out complete form to be a member.....

  Must pay through Payschools (click on left)

2. Regional Leadership Conference Fee (paid by school program) 

3.State Leadership Conference Fee $150.00 per student*

4.International Leadership Conference Fee APPROXIMATELY $650.00 per student*

*additional travel expenses may be required to attend conference

Membership Requirements

1. Students interested in Healthcare are welcome to join, grades 10-12! Med Academy strongly encouraged. 

2. Paid membership due by Oct. 8 to compete in Regional Conference and receive T-Shirt. 

3. You can become a member any time of the year if not competing. 

4. Click button to join and fill in form. 

5. Make payment through Pay Schools Central 

Honor Cords

1. Attend meetings / practice and preparation meetings. 

2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA for Medical Academy courses (including Med. English)

3. Or if not in Medical Academy second year overall 3.0 GPA

4. Attend the two Regional competition  and  at least one State Leadership Conference  

5. No suspensions or disciplinary issues while a HOSA Member. 

6. Two year HOSA member. 

7. Participate senior year. 

8. Complete online form/application form by May 11, 2020. (click on cords for google form)



Conference Attendance Requirements

To attend any of the leadership conferences students must meet the following requirements: 

1. Be in good academic standing with C or higher in related courses. 

2. Have positive employability skills within the academy or signed off from current science teachers if not enrolled in academy. 

3. No disciplinary actions during the current school year. 

4. Attend scheduled meetings/practice sessions during the school year in preparation for competition. 


Their will be fundraising activities during the school year. In order to maintain a strong organization teamwork toward fundraising is important. There will also be opportunity for individual fundraising. 

Kroger Community Rewards: (click for instructions)

Do you shop at Kroger? Already have a Plus Card? Please link your Plus card to the Dakota HOSA group. You will keep your points while Kroger donates to our group! No selling to family and friends.... 

Our number is LK091 for the registration. Any questions please feel free to email. 

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